Without the help of these guys the racebike would not have been built. Thanks guys, I can't repay you enough.


Neill Curtis & Mark Eavers (Burlow Engineering)


Les Hughes (Fearnley Engineering)


Al Smith (Al Smith Fabrications)



Product Sponsors


Thank you, I am very grateful for your support. "Every little helps".



APE (Dianne & Jay Eshbach) - valve train components. PBR Top Fuel Bike are proud members of the APE racer programme.


Fuel Injection Enterprises (Spud Miller) - ignition and fuel injection equipment. You will not find a more helpful and nicer person.


Boninfante Racing (Bob Malloy) - clutch components. My frictional friends.



Help & Support


Advice, gifts, support and personal effort to help me out. Cheers guys.



Steve Woollatt (The Dealer TFB)


Bob Jarrett (Showtime Fuel Funny Car)


Ian King (Kingracing/PUMA Engineering)


Bob Brookes (Yellow Metal Racing)


Mike & Jeff (B&J Racing Transmissions)


Bill Miller (BME)


Simon Warburton (Triumph Motorcycles)


Pete Davies (the original PUMA)


Gary Clarke


Jim Smith (Cotsweld)


Chris Hannam (Cannon Motorsports)